21 December 2014

The Art Hotel as a scene of reading: Wystan Curnow and Dino Chai

The Art Hotel as a scene of reading: Wystan Curnow and Dino Chai

The event this publication partially records was part of the project Bare walls, empty room, a six exhibition series curated by Layla Tweedie-Cullen and Jacob Barratt-Boyes with Nat Cheshire, presented in 2012 at split/fountain. 

For the third instalment Dino Chai made his architectural intervention with stacked bricks and sweeps of silver foil to resemble neither hotel lobby nor gallery reception, but perhaps evoking their shared, defining emptiness and constructed neutrality. He created it as the stage for two evening readings by Curnow.

Published by split/fountain, 2014
Edited by Layla Tweedie-Cullen and Jacob Barratt-Boyes
Foreword by Jon Bywater
Edition of 100
ISBN: 978-0-473-31024-0

Cover photo and documentation photos in the publication by Asumi Mizuo.