20 November 2011

Drawing a Sea @ Art in the Dark 2011

Drawing a Sea is a site-specific light installation that traces an imaginary shoreline with string lights that will rest 40 metres above sea level on the ground of Western Park. This height set out for the lights reflects the highest rise of water (run-up) in sea-level recorded in a small cove in Miyako City in the recent Japanese tsunami.

Even with an abundance of video footage of the tsunami engulfing the land, it is hard to grasp what people actually went through on that day. The artist hopes that as the audience wander in and out of the surface of this imaginary tsunami, the incomprehensible will become comprehensible.

Art in the Dark http://www.artinthedark.co.nz/
Western Park, Ponsonby, Auckland.
11-12 November 2011

Looking up the "surface".

Panoramic view from inside of the "sea". (Compiled from four photos, spans approx. 225 degrees.)

From the east end of lights towards the west side of the hill.


This project was made possible with supports from Art in the Dark 2011 team, La Lumiere who sponsored 450m string of lights, and Cameron, Tim & George who helped me setting out the height of the ground.

27 September 2011

Art in the Dark 2011

New work of a site-specific installation will be part of Art in the Dark, two nights event of art in Western Park, Freemans Bay/Ponsonby.
11 & 12 November 2011


Drawing a Sea, a concept sketch.

26 September 2011

Surface Characteristics @ split/fountain

Inconspicuous Motto

Surface Characteristics 29 July – 20 August 2011

A group show with Claire Cooper, Clara Chon and Xin Cheng

Surface Characteristics @ split/fountain

15 September 2011


A SIZE OF TRAGEDY, the Evening Post, 6 August 1945.

Source: Papers Past, National Library of New Zealand.

Click on the image to see a bigger picture.

27 March 2011


September 29, 1938
An advertisement appeared on The New Zealand Herald on the day Sudetenland was ceded to Germany.

Decorations of Honour given and divested:
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath – Conferred in 1921, revoked in 1942.
Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order – Conferred in 1924, revoked in 1942.

Designed by Asumi Mizuo. These T-shirts were produced for the occasion of Tokyo Art Book Fair 2010, and were available online on-demand from TEE PARTY. Participated as split/fountain.

23 January 2011

Crown Lynn: Crockery of Distinction

29 January - 25 April 2011

Artist's Workshop—Asumi Mizuo
Saturday 9 April, 2–4pm


More photos of the Kintsugi Crown Lynn works is here.